What to buy gluten free: M&S salmon fishcakes

Marks & Spencer have quickly become my frontrunners for last minute, nothing in the fridge trolley-dash, mainly because of the gluten-free ready to cook range that they have rapidly expanded in recent months. Each time I visit the ‘made without’ aisles are growing, particularly the refrigerated section. If you need feeding but have no time to cook from scratch, their gluten-free convenience options are pretty impressive. Like any ready-meal, they may not be the healthiest dinner decision you ever make, or the cheapest but they are convenient, tasty and most importantly you can’t tell they are gluten-free (in my humble opinion)! Until Tesco & Sainsbury’s properly jump on the ready meal bandwagon I’m definitely going to continue to be an M&S girl…

So each time I try a delectable ready meal which I deem worth parting with the pennies for, I’ll do a little review for you guys. First up is the M&S salmon fillet fishcakes…

2 x M&S Scottish Lochmuir salmon fillet fishcakes, £2.10

The packaging is brilliantly identifiable as the ‘made without’ range – even if I went in without my glasses on I’d have no trouble locating them! Definitely no faffing about searching for a gluten-free logo. As for getting from shop to mouth, there’s no fuss needed, just whack them in the oven and they come out all crispy and yummy.

Here they are in all their glory & paired with a simple salad (and a sneaky load of chips which I added after I took the picture):

Packed full of herby salmon, I actually preferred these to regular supermarket fishcakes I’ve bought in the past, which had heavily breaded coatings and less fishy contents. The coating on these two beauties was light, really tasty and not at all greasy. It almost felt like I was eating something healthy because they weren’t bulked out with a hefty amount of potato. I’ll be buying them again for sure. The only improvement I’d suggest is they could be bigger! There was no chance I’d be full with just one on my plate, even with the mountain of chips…

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