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Welcome to ‘A GFF GIRL’ – my blog about my quest for a gluten-free friendly life! I’ll be blogging about my experiences being gluten-free across every aspect of my everyday – from eating out, to hitting the supermarkets, travelling abroad & cooking at home.

Living and working in London I’m lucky to have a lot of GF choice but sometimes it’s been confusing making what has been for me, a VERY big diet change. With the aim of finding a solution to the worst of my Hashimoto’s symptoms, the last year has been a real journey of trial & error re-learning what I can eat. Fortunately the UK is getting more GF aware and the whole process has got much easier. It’s been a learning curve, but a great one at that – I really can’t imagine going back!

I’ve discovered that I CAN eat amazing food out with friends without feeling like the awkward one – I CAN go on holiday and be gluten-free without mega stress – and when it comes to everyday dinners at home I can still have my favourites with a tweak. I’d like to share what I’ve picked up and continue to learn, hopefully helping make the mission of being gluten-free just a little bit easier for other GF friends out there!

Thanks for reading! Why not try: Why I went gluten-free…

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  1. sdawson12014 says:

    Sounds interesting!! Looking forward to your next post. X

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